Here I wan't to see some storeis and comments and ideas for the storeis here is my example 


                              Chapter 1

                                The Attack


            I awoke in a Daze to large metal clashing, with the sound of bombs going of and people running and screaming. I was in the navy I was Pvt. Jackson. I was on my bunk sleeping when it happened. The boat was in a port named Pearl Harbor. I saw everyone was trying to get to the top as it was getting bombed. They didn’t want to sink to the bottom with the boat. I got up to follow them but I stumbled and fell I was really tired. Then Lieutenant Vickers grabbed my arm and pulled me up. “ He said don’t give up we are leaving.” I ran out of the room. So did Vickers but by the time he got close to the door the ceiling fell in crushing him and killed him.

            As I ran along the narrow hallways I saw dead soldiers and broken pipes spitting out steam. The kitchens were on fire. I ran, no men were there to help they were either dead or at the top already.  The ship was falling apart doorways were closed off and there was no escape. The Carbon Dioxide from the fires was eating at my lungs. I was going to die like Vickers.

            Then the top blew reveling light and fresh air. I got Cpl. Hanes to pull me out of there. I was saved but the planes were everywhere they were Japanese fighters. We were in a war we didn’t want to fight ww2. Cpl. Hanes yelled at me “Grab a gun and fire private we wont go down without a fight!” I grabbed a gewher and started to fire shots at the plane and nothing happened. Not one hole not even a mark on the plane it was really strange. The ship was sinking we were running out of time then I saw something that wasn’t human inside the cockpit of the fighter. Then boom the ship blew people fell and the ship was almost fully in the water. We were out of time.    


This story was made by koolkitty good job.

 The Longins family was moving to their new home south of nashville. They have
just moved from their hometown in california. Mrs. Longins found a small house south
of nashville, just a little ways away from town. They were driving in their mini-van,
their house straight ahead.
"so how are you kids feeling?" asked their dad as they pulled up in frony of their
"Dad this place looks old and run down,"maria said with disappointment.
The house was 3 stories tall and the shingles on the roof were falling off. and the
two trees in the front yard were bent over and they formed an archway.
"well fix this place up in no time. well paint over it in the summertime."their
mother replied.they all stepped out of the car and opened the door to the house.
the door creaked as it slowly opened.
The inside of the house was suprisingly peaceful. the living room had a fireplace
and the dining room contained a shandalier. and with all their furniture in the
house, they had no choic but to live there.
"head up to your rooms. its getting late." their mother called from down the hall.
they sighed and went to their rooms.
the night passed by quickley and when morning approached, Marcus and Maria decided
to take a walk around the neighborhood.
They walked past old,dead trees about 3 blocks east from their house.
"so how do you feel about"maria asked warily.
"its okay but a little creepy "marcus replied.
they walked by a patch of bushes. then they could hear rustling."whats in
there?"maria asked as she hid behind her brother, she peered over his shoulder.
The noise came closer. it was heading towards them.
they saw something they never thought they would see.
*            *          *
It was a grey haired old man. he had yellow teeth and his breath stunk. it looked as
if he hasent eaten.....or bathed in weekes. his eyes were bright blue and curious. he
stood up straight. he looked about 5 feet. 2 inches taller then maria and an inch
taller then her brother.
"you kids live in that house 4 blocks down? he asked.
they shook their heads.
"leave that house at once!"he yelled.
they stood there frozen with fear.
"bad things happen at that house. bad and bloody things."
"what happens there" marcus asked without thinking.
'Murders. many many murders. the last couple that lived there were hanging from
those two trees.
and the next day their heads were missing and no one knew why?
"is that why those two trees in the front yard are bent over like that?" marcus
"yes"he said. "now leave that house at once!"
he lounged towards marcus and he threw him to the ground.
the old mans long nails cut threw his arm.
Maria tried to help her brother up but she wasnt strong enough.
She grabbed a tree branch from the side of the abandoned road and wacked tha man on
the side of the head. he lay there unconcious. this gave marcus a chance to get up.
they ran back to their house.
blood dripping from his arm and shock waves went up through his arm
they reached the house out of breath.
the day went by fast and then midnight appraoched.
Maria could hear the front door squeek open slowly, then close.
she shot straight up. she could hear footsteps approaching her room. loud
then they stopped at the end of the hall.
ot was silent.
she rested her head back on the pillow and said, i was onlt imagining things.
then there was a high pitched scream coming from her parents room. then it ewent
dead silent.
marcus came burting throught thwe door shocked.
he moitioned maria to follow him. they stood in the doorway of their parents room.
evrything seemed okay. As it appeared to them. or was it?
*              *                 *

they stood at the door moitionless and quiet for a long moment. Maria walked next to
her mother. Nothing seemed to be wrong. then she uncoved her<not knowing what to
expect. Now that she was uncovered, she wished she wasnt.
blood, spread all over her silk night dress. and a gapeing whole threw her chest.
Her mothers eyes wide open staring at her. she never blinked. Marcus ran to marias
side and starred down at his mother in horror. then he rushed to his fathers side
and uncovered him. The same thing happened to him. Blood all over his night shirt,
and a gapeing hole threw his chest. But she eyes were blood shut.
Maria grabbed her mothers hand. the grip got tighter, and she wasnt doing it.
The grip of their intwined hands got tighter. and maria couldnt let go. and slowly
her mothers head turned. and starred at maria.
she screamed. and marcus ran out of the room. and he searched threw the drawers, and
found a large carving knife and ran back to the room. Marias screams got louder.
then, marcus did what he had to do.
*            *             *

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