I would like to here your poems. Here is my example. 


  Chippewa Chippewa


                        Chippewa, Chippewa where have you gone?

                        You’re not by the lake or river or pond

                        We need you now to teach us the way

                        Before the price is too high that we pay


                        Iroquois, Iroquois where are you now

                        You’re not in the fields or by the plow

                        The white man came and forced you away

                        Come back to the game now, we need you to play


                        We need you to come back and show us the way


                        We need you to show us to respect our mother

                        To stop stripping her bare for we have no other

                        She’s taken good care of us through all of the years

                        Now she is sick and sees smog through her tears


                        Cherokee, Cherokee why can’t we see

                        That we are disgusting the powers that be

                        With our greed and our weapons, our big oil money

                        Are killing our trees and our bees

                        That make honey


                        Americans, Russians and all of the rest

                        Go back to beginnings, we can be the best

                        The best life force that ever did live

                        But back to our mother we truly must give

Here is a poem sent in by Saria enjoy



Through the fields and open planes

A note rose above the peak

A note so high, distinct it came

A nearby mouse squeaked my name

Wolves howled, wild cats screamed

There was no end to the din so it seemed

Abruptly it stopped and began again

This time there was no sound

With a twinkle the light, it came

It spread it’s golden wings over the horizon

There came my brother, so bold, so proud

To fight me off, to stand his ground

To try to win a whole round

He never wins it all you see

Half the earth belongs to me.

Where my land ends and his begins

Is sometimes difficult for us as twins

Sometimes neither will end the battle

The sun and the moon combine

Then our father the almighty

Must put a stop to this fight

He cannot see without light

But he cannot deny me my right

At the end of the day

My brother lost his battle

To the wind you whisper my name



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